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A Street Through Time (History) txt A Street Through Time (History), text ebook A Street Through Time (History), adobe reader A Street Through Time (History), chapter 2 A Street Through Time (History), A Street Through Time (History) 93dec6 Follow The Life Of A Street, Seeing It Develop From A Small Stone Age Camp Changing Over Thousands Of Years Into A Bustling Riverside Thoroughfare In The Heart Of A Metropolis This Beautifully Illustrated Book Brings Fourteen Key Periods In History To Life You Ll Find Out How People Lived Long Ago The Tools They Used, What They Wore, What They Ate And What They Did All Day Lively Text Provides A Fascinating And Factual Insight To The Pictorial StoryX Mm Hardback

About the Author: Anne Millard

Anne Millard is a highly respected historian Egyptologist, the author of numerous history books, many of which are written for children.

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    This is an AWESOME book Steve Noon s illustrations tell most of the story as author Millard guides you through the changes that occur in one small area of our planet from 10,000 BC to the present day First Farmers 2000 BC The words at the borders of the pages tell interesting tidbits about the street s current inhabitants, and offer suggestions for things to look for kind of a historical Where s Waldo hunt And though he s not wearing a striped sweater and pompom hat, there s a time traveling museum employee hidden in every picture Medieval Village 1200s Believe me, you ll find yourself poring over each page.

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    A short insight into a 12,000 year journey Great Britain has been on It has some nice and short facts that children can read easily, its not too heavily fact based The big pictures give children a context and there are lots of changes over the years for them to notice.

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    The first Waldo came out in 1987, and since then we ve accumulated several Search Find books But, this book is a favorite because it provides a window into the past Starting with the stone age, and ending with the present era, there are 15 views of a riverside street If I were to guess a location, I d say London Maybe a location is mentioned or alluded to in the book I don t remember It s totally engrossing to watch buildings come and go, bridges get sturdier, castles appear only to fall to ruin in the future , and the people scurrying to do their various tasks In the 1500s, the Plague Strikes and that has been a favorite in our family.This is a wonderful book to share with a child of any age.

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    What a cool book, which gives you a closeup look at what a street would look like throughout time.

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    I don t remember who gave this book to my kids or even which kid actually received it, come to think of it , but I owe them a debt It s a fabulous picture book that packs a tremendous amount of history into just a few pages The illustrations are wonderful, and you could spend a good chunk of time just looking at them and discussing them with the child of your choice before you even get around to reading the text Once you do read it, however, you ll need to spend another chunk of time looking again, because Anne Millard gives you even things to look for some that even involve going a few hundred years back looking for clues to things you ll find happening in the future This book has so much in it to engage the reader, I suspect he or she won t even realize that they re actually gasp learning something along the way Now that my kids are beyond the picture book stage or so they tell me, anyway I ve actually brought this one to school for my junior high classroom There s so much in it to support things I teach in sixth and seventh grade social studiesplus, if students have nothing better to do, I can always suggest they try out the Where s Waldo style hunt on each page, looking for the time traveling historian Henry Hyde.

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    Nicely presented timelines The images are of the same street through the ages Stone age, First farmers, Iron age, Roman times, The invaders, Viking raiders, Medieval village, Medieval towns, The plague strikes, Under attack, Age of elegance, Grim times, From town to city, The street today Interesting facts.

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    This really gets kids to think about the passage of time and how different ages relate to each other My son focused particularly on the stone circle and was excited to see it appear in different ages and then felt sad when it disappeared.

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    I would love to have a copy of this book It is one of those that you pick up and can t put down Fascinating, it s wonderful to imagine all that has transpired in a particular site over time Great to have lying around in the classroom for students to peruse at their leisure.

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    I have been lucky enough to find myself a copy of this amazing book which I will be using in my Year 3 class next term It offers an insight into the changing landscape from 10,000 bc through to modern ish times The attention to detail is mind blowing and it is the type of book you will always notice something new every time you read it Munchkin 5 was fascinated to spot bare bottoms as people went about their ablutions and was shocked that people didn t have a bath in their homes This is a must for any stage in ks2 history curriculum as it offers a real insight into how people lived, but also the impact each stage in our history had on the next.

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    I got the newer version of this book The dimension is different than the old one It was narrow in the width, but longer in the length, so it s easier to flip the page The downside, the illustrations were smaller Regardless, this was a lovely book, not only for children but also for an adult reader who curious with simplified looks of the street throughout the time.

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